Designed by Monia Allegre, La Marianne is located outside the Alliance Francaise de Perth in Nedlands.  

The artist's statement for this work states that:

'The world map, represented by a winding red ribbon flowing harmoniously in the air currents of the planet, creates a sense of Unity, Universality in between the continents making them all One. The Red is the color of the Alliance. It is also a color for passion, awareness, and life.'

She goes on to explain that

'Marianne is a national symbol of the French Republic, an allegory of liberty and reason, and a portrayal of the Goddess of Liberty. It is a familiar profile that all French people. It is also a person, an individual for all people unaware of the Marianne.

I chose stainless steel for its mirror finish. The mirror reflects the crowd, all the people coming in and the people just passing by the street or waiting for the bus. The laser cut motif on the stainless steel profile is the line of a grevillia flower. Grevillia is an endemic plant and therefore symbolizes Australia.  The lines’ graphics of the grevillia are absolutely beautiful and reminds me of the art nouveau arabesques.

This landmark sculpture celebrates the intimate relation in between French and Australian culture.'

La Marianne Sculpture