Master Builders Award winners 2012
Specialising in all manner of steel fabrication, from domestic wrought iron to structural steel.
Master Builders Award winners 2012
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Artisans & Blacksmiths

Living Iron is an award winning steel fabrication company with the capability and capacity to undertake a wide array of creative and commercial projects from traditional wrought iron through to structural steel.

The Living Iron portfolio includes structural steelwork, ornamental features, balustrading, gates and fencing, garden art and a stunning range of hand-forged, custom-designed furniture - examples of which are available in the online image galleries.

Regardless of the application, be it practical or aesthetic, steel affords many benefits including strength, versatility and durability.

The team at Living Iron is both highly skilled and experienced in the art of steel fabrication and committed to customer satisfaction and quality.

With a range of commercial and residential projects to its name, Living Iron takes great pride in being able to handle any challenge within the steel industry.

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